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WakeApp IGB 24_7.JPG
Exhibition: IGB Live London 2024

at IGB London 2024

Step into the heart of the universe at the WakeApp 36 sqm stand, where the bar takes centre stage as the ultimate attraction. Our design concept has descended from the cosmos, marked by a striking rocket poised amidst a constellation of suspended planets, casting an ethereal purple glow that bathes the entire stand in mesmerizing light.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere as our staff don costumes tailored to the cosmic theme, transporting you to the far reaches of space. Indulge in our galactic cocktails, expertly crafted to tantalize your taste buds with otherworldly flavours, while inflatable planets add a playful touch to the celestial ambience. Experience the wonder and awe of the cosmos right here on Earth, join us on a journey through the stars at the WakeApp stand.

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