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R2D Affiliates
at SIGMA São Paulo 2024

Step into a 35 sqm space, nestled in Sǎo Paulo, and embark on a journey to the downtown bustling streets of Tokyo. Immerse yourself in the electrifying ambience of cyberpunk urban culture, where every corner pulsates with vibrant energy. Savour the fusion of flavours, from authentic bubble tea, tantalising your taste buds with each sip. As you traverse this Tokyo-inspired enclave, be enveloped by a symphony of LED lights, neon signs, and a stylish window shop, casting an ethereal glow upon the space. Joining the queue of eager visitors vying to test their luck at our claw machine, where an iPhone 15 awaits alongside an array of gadgets. Capture memories in the magic mirror, where whimsical snapshots immortalise the essence of this unforgettable event.

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