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Leonardo - Farnborough Airshow - UK 

We have looked to express the new identity, by simplifying and presenting the new language on an equal plane. So from first sight clearly being able to identify Leonardo as an evolving company presenting a new logo but also a new identity of its business. The structure used for the project is a stock rental building with a bespoke fit out to give the high quality look and feel required for this prestigious project. The building is an aluminium-framed structure of 60m x 25m, with an eave height of 7.2m to allow for an internal mezzanine and first floor balcony to form the two storeys. The structure clear spans the 25m, with portal frames every 5m to achieve the 60m length. The internal mezzanine and first floor balcony floor is a 25m x 30m deck with ground supporting legs every 5m. The external roof cladding is an inflated double skin of PVC. The external wall cladding is a combination of either glass or ‘kingspan’ style insulated panels. The entirely project was design and build within 4 months including new content development for the Digital Connectivity Experience. 

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