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Leon Malta 23 _8.jpeg
Exhibition:  SIGMA Malta 2023

Leon Gaming
at SIGMA Malta 2023

Step into our vibrant urban oasis of 47 sqm, where creativity knows no bounds. Nestled within the confines of a typical shipping container, reimagined to perfectly fit the dimensions of our space and project, lies a world of artistic expression. Two dedicated artists have poured their passion and talent into transforming this space into a truly unique masterpiece. From the captivating graffiti adorning the walls to the personalised t-shirts that have captured the hearts of visitors, every detail has been carefully curated to ignite the imagination and leave a lasting impression. The popularity of these personalized t-shirts sparked a sensation, turning the container into a hub of excitement and creating a buzz on TicToc within the fairgrounds. Awarded best design SIGMA Malta 2023,

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