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Ball Watch - Baselworld - CH  

Ball Watch, a 450 sqm pavilion located over 2 x 3 storey structures. The creative concept was the juxtaposition of a 19th century railroad terminal adjoined with 21st century architecture.  This project was executed within 70 days from cradle to grave one of the many USP’s (located underneath the walkway to  both 3 storey buildings) was a world first in the form of a Steam Locomotive, which appeared totally 3D (from all viewing angles)  as if the Loco was arriving at the station terminal, this was  achieved by a series of hidden projectors, which projectected  onto a special film, applied to clear glass, which in turn was  individually operated by a series of computers and a master 
computer, using Dataton/Watchout software.This project was executed within 60 days from cradle to grave.

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