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Clients, Operation, Creavite, Financial, Project, Manager, Designer, Account
Management Design Project

CONCEPT will provide you with a S.P.O.C. as well as a P.O.C. for specific tasks as follows:


S.P.O.C.: Sara  (Programme Delivery)

P.O.C.: Jonathan  (Creative)

P.O.C.: Ian  (Media Content)

P.O.C.: Guy (Operations)

P.O.C.: Auly  (Operations)

P.O.C.: Karen (Operations)

P.O.C.: Chris (CRM)

P.O.C.: Claire  (Financial)

P.O.C.: Jerry  (Customer Engagement)

* S.P.O.C: = Single POINT of Contact

**P.O.C: = Point of Contact

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